Monday, February 27, 2017

Not Our Kids! Not Any of Our Children! A Parable

David Swanon's  Photo of a Prayer circle in a vandalized Jewish cemetery Philadelphia Feb 27 2017
First we came for the Blacks
    and some people said, ok, All Lives Matter, prison is what they expect.
We came for the Jews,
    like before, just the harassment at first, we could wait for the rest.
No sense triggering action.
Then we came for the LGBT people,
    and everyone looked the other way, it’s only bathrooms,
    and marriage isn’t that important for them.
Then we came for the Muslims, and other Immigrants
     and people said they are not like us, ok. They are too different, I heard they are
And we came for the Hispanics,
    a few asked who’s going to do our work? But no one stepped forward.
Then we came for the sick,
    and some said, wait a minute, s/he’s a relative! But nobody was sure about how to
stop us. We said, your premiums will go up, so they stepped aside.
Then we came for the old
     and told everyone, they shouldn’t expect entitlements, well they’re old, it’s ok.
Then we came for the children in their schools
     to take the future. And as we started to move the children to the Virtual schools
 To teach them hate.
The teachers stood shoulder to shoulder
and used their teacher voices.
Not. Our. Kids.
Not Any of Our Children.
NO More !

Then Everyone,
the Blacks, the Jews, the LGBT people, the Muslims, the Hispanics, all the Immigrants, the sick, and the old and the young,
People of every shade and age
Turned around and looked at Us,
We could not look away
as they started advancing step by step together

And the teachers and the people said in One Voice--
Not. Our. Kids.
Not Any of Our Children.
NO More !

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